The Cluster



The Concept

The Dekhon Cluster is not just a bunch of hospitals setup simultaneously. It is a start-up package, and a way for Dekhon to effectively establish itself in an area. A Cluster is a systematic way in which Dekhon seeks to provide care to an area immediately. 

Consisting of one Dekhon Centre in a city and five Outreach Centres in rural areas surrounding the DC, a Cluster is set up in an area to provide widespread care initially, before expanding into more isolated areas. Though each established Cluster will always be called as such, even after it is fully fleshed out, the concept of this unit of measurement is to be able to manage the systematic establishment of centres.

Dekhon will distribute care through Clusters, comprehensively spread out across Maharashtra. 

Dekhon will distribute care through Clusters, comprehensively spread out across Maharashtra. 



The Process

When establishing the cluster, Dekhon follows these steps from start to finish.

After scoping out areas in the range of a Tertiary Centre (within 150-200 km), Dekhon's team will go to a location, meet with several local people, and based on need and demographic criterion, make a decision to set up a Cluster in the area (a radius of about 50 km). The plan for the cluster proceeds:

  • Establish a Dekhon Centre in a centrally located city with a population of ~200000 or more.
  • Link DC with Tertiary Centre (SGN)
  • Equip DC with staff and materials, start operations for 2-3 months, or until patient flow is stable.
  • Establish 5 evenly distributed Outreach Centres, each being located in a population base of ~50000.
  • Equip OCs with staff, materials and train Vision Guardians.
  • Create link between DC, OCs from day one of OC operations.

Cluster Established

Once the Cluster has been established, Dekhon monitors the functioning of the system - patient flow, paying capacity, education levels, public mentality etc - and makes adjustments to logistics where necessary to ensure that the system is self sustaining. Once the system is stable (in 6 months to a year), the Cluster expands to its full potential, building 5 more Outreach Centres and creating tie-ups with Local Guardians. At this point, almost 2 years after the Dekhon Centre's establishment, the Cluster is a complete and fleshed out unit.