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The Dekhon project, being a long term investment in the medical future of Maharashtra, seeks to put forward a plan that will be executed over the course of the next 5 to 10 years. As the population of India both grows and ages, the need for eye care becomes greater than ever. Dekhon seeks to adequately combat this trend in Maharashtra by setting up permanent infrastructure in phases.


The map above serves as an illustration of how Dekhon seeks to reach up to five locations in five years, leaving behind self sustaining, community based, locally managed infrastructure that will last. Visit our Hospitals page to get a look into some of the potential candidates for Dekhon hospitals over the coming years. Additionally, the Hospitals page will be continuously updated with information regarding ongoing construction in particular locations and other news. As a location becomes finalized, we will give you more information on the location, specifics and expectations of the hospital we are setting up.

In setting up this infrastructure, Dekhon is broken down into developmental units. Building off the Pyramid System, these units are based on need and are carried out (in terms of setup) in an organized and timely fashion so that there is no unnecessary loss of capital or effort along the way. The primary unit Dekhon's development strategy uses is called aCluster