Government Expands Support & Washim Photos

12th Five Year Plan Features Robust Support for Rural Health Initiatives

The Indian Government has recently announced its 12th Five Year Plan, and included in it is a provision that has expanded support for rural health care initiatives providing outreach to unserviced areas of India. They have expanded programs that provide select institutions with grants to expand their operations, as well as monetary compensation for common surgeries such as Cataract and Vitreoretinal operations. At the same time, they are offering further support (new!) for the setup of rural checkup facilities. What all this means for us is that we will now be able to go even further with the money we receive and raise through our operations - the government is now walking in step with Dekhon and other organizations of its kind, and we applaud this new effort!

Washim Pics

Here are some pictures from Washim, now completing about 16 excellent months in operation! 

Here are some stats from Washim's past year: 

  • 15,000+ Checkups (3,500+ done completely free of cost)
  • 3,000+ Spectacles sold (All sold at a subsidized rate)
  • 700+ Cataract Surgeries (15% free of cost or subsidized)
  • The hospital itself operated at a surplus, ending the FY with enough money in the bank to sponsor over a dozen villages - providing all of their residents with free examinations and spectacles.

Washim, as a pilot project and proof of concept, has achieved exactly what was intended - a high quality eye care facility that provides extremely low cost services, yet is financially sustainable. Not only that, but in the past 3 months, Washim has performed even better compared to this time last year. We couldn't have asked for a better starting point. The local staff overseeing the operations of the hospital on a daily basis deserve lots of recognition, as does the community, which has accepted us enthusiastically.



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Posted on July 3, 2013 .